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BHOJ PALACE is envisioned as the largest restaurant in the country. It covers  50,000 Sq. ft. (700+ Seats) and became India’s only Five Star Restaurant with its hi-tech kitchen spreading over 12,000 sq. ft. is coming to The River Castle. It is expected to be the newest culinary hotspot. We will have it all at the Bhoj Palace. Whether a Chinese hotpot excites you or you enjoy traditional Indian food or a Coq Au Vin, whether Curry is more your thing or Paella, our award-winning chefs will delight in whipping up culinary gems out of gourmet menus from a variety of international cuisines. Eating at Bhoj Palace is not restricted by our menus, you may order anything you desire and have the talented chefs cater to your dietary preferences and health needs.

Enjoy Your Food in Unspoiled Nature

Its aesthetic interiors are designed for enjoying your meals at leisure whether indoors or al fresco. Wide aisles and floor-to-ceiling windows made for an abundance of space and light. Ensconced in a plush armchair, you can enjoy the privacy of beautifully designed enclosures or choose a table on the beautifully landscaped terrace for a candle light dinner under the stars. Bhoj Palace is India’s only Five Star Restaurant with Hi-Tech Kitchen.

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