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We offer you a unique opportunity to own your irrigated farmland, and we let you cultivate it for yourself. We work with  organic farming giants such as Nature Land Organics, Boomitra and AgriBolo, as well as in-house teams of renowned farmers, trained farm managers and technical advisors. 

As a result, you will receive a guaranteed annual income / return on your tax-exempt investment! We have been working in this field for the last 10 years. 


Our Strategy

As we have heard too many things about the new trending industry – “Wellness”; Organic Products play a major role in this industry. Considering the future predictions of this industry RAV Group started purchasing lands in different cities and states across India, since 2013, and has been expanding every day. We are glad to inform you that we also share this opportunity with our customers & investors.

Multilayer Farming

Generally, the normal crop cycle is taking around 60-120 Days. So we can easily produce 3 crops in a year & we are doing at least 5 layers of farming, Underground, Over Ground, Small Height, Creeping Crops, Medium and Big Height Cultivation

Our Highlights

Namisharany Has Become An Organic Hotspot

With years of water supply and the entry of leading farm management companies, Namisharanya has become an organic hotspot. Namisharany’s agriculture is growing at an astonishing pace with the entry of top farm managers who prefer Namisharanya due to the following factors:

High-priced products such as aloe vera, dates, pomegranates, ange and various berries are already helping farmers, landowners and investors make a profit.

Why Invest in Organic Farmland?

1 Acre in 65 Lakhs

Get 13.5% Annually Return

18000 Sq Feet in 27 lakh

Get 12% Annually Return

7200 Sq Feet in 10.8 lakh

Get 9% Annually Return

3600 Sq Feet in 5.4 lakh

Get 8.5% Annually Return

1800 Sq Feet in 2.7 lakh

Get 8% Annually Return

Power Of Locality

Our Organic Farms are organic farmlands in strategic locations. It is a major agricultural hotspot. Agricultural land is also near Namisharanya, India’s golden city, which provides access to strong consumer and tourism markets and business communities.

Strategic locations, careful planning, various plantations, devoted care and exponential growth make it an attractive option to be part of India’s rich agricultural heritage.

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